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Your customer’s choice of payment provider is a critical business decision, whether a start-up or a large, growing business. Receiving payment in-store, online, over the phone or in-app needs to be a great experience for customers.

The opportunity for clients in this sector is huge. The challenge, however, in an intensely competitive environment, is getting to speak to sufficient volumes of interested prospects in a cost-effective way. We work with global payment providers to deliver qualified leads through a highly optimised PPC strategy.

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Qualified Payment Solution leads, delivered in real-time and exclusive to you:

Card Terminals

Businesses requesting card terminal quotes


Business looking to install electronic payment systems

Point of Sales

Businesses interested in traditional POS systems


Case Study

123 Send

Leading Payment Processing Company

The brief from the client was to deliver exclusive leads across their multi-service offering including Card Terminals and EPOS systems. Having previously struggled to achieve an efficient ROI with external lead providers, 123 Send approached Pivotal One due to the exclusivity we provide on all leads, enabling their sales team to maximise the conversion rates to sale.

With exclusive access to Google AI and years of sector relevant data, we were able to reach the client's ideal target market. Once targeted through Paid Search, users were taken to a bespoke landing page where we educate the user about the services offered. Once the user is bought in by the service we can collect their details and qualify them so they match the client's criteria. On submission of the user's details and after full telephone validation on the information inputted, we delivered the lead in realtime to our client.

The above online sales funnel proved a great success and the cost per acquisition is exactly where the client needs it to be. As a result, their team of qualified advisors is expanding and the company continues to grow. We aim to keep improving the process and help them achieve their KPIs year on year.

Each client we work with we treat as a partner. We work on a cost per lead model where you the client only pays for the qualified leads delivered. What this means is that we are incentivised to get it right as our income is based on our performance. Therefore we always continue to review processes, assess lead quality and gain regular feedback from the client.

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