Why is a bob on landing page a no brainer?

Why is a bob on landing page a no brainer?

02 November 2022

A landing page is considered one of the most critical destinations associated with digital marketing, and any given sales campaign. The good news, NASA won’t need to be informed should man, woman or beast make a successful landing on said page.

In layman’s terms, landing pages have more focus than the Terminators red eye. They are aligned to one goal: conversion. Because they receive highly targeted traffic, everything that goes on a landing page, from design to content, has a sole purpose – to get the visitor to do one thing, and one thing only – complete a form, make a call, request a consultation, complete a survey, or download an eBook. A landing page essentially says, ‘This is what I want you to do’. With that understanding, you could consider ‘homepages’ as passive, and ‘landing pages’ as active.

Ultimately, looking at how customers travel to a website will help you understand the landing pages’ importance. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – these are all platforms where links live, doorways to where you want your customer to go (think Doctor Strange and a sales multiverse). Social media platforms are where first impressions are formed. It’s about how you get the customer to click that link.

Without these platforms, it would be much more difficult to find your website. So, taking the name, ‘landing page’ and putting that into perspective, you need to consider the top of the sales funnel and how it works. One thing is for certain, it’s where you want to make your second-best impression. It’s where you want the customer to land when they decide your link is worthy of their curiosity.

Have a butchers at the funnel below as it demonstrates the reference above and also highlights the inputs, outputs, and general flow of traffic:

How does a landing page differ from a homepage?

Landing pages exist apart from your website, some would say they are a bit of a maverick. Unlike homepages, landing pages cater to a specific stream of traffic that has been attracted because of a single offer or lead magnet. Homepages address a much wider audience, so you are more likely to see casual browsers and information seekers on a homepage (nothing to see here, just waifs and strays).

Homepages tend to contain lots of links, whereas the landing page usually only has one good link. It’s about simplicity. The number one priority is conversion, as stated before, and a quick conversion happens with a clean and focused digital welcome mat.

Why are landing pages so important to your marketing?

Homepages are not focused enough! A landing page puts you in control by allowing you to lead the reader towards a specific action.

Imagine you receive a prospective customer from a Google Adwords campaign for one of your most valuable keywords. What ideally would you want them to do next?

Do you send your prospective customer to your homepage where they have no clear direction because there are multiple options? Or do you send them to a dedicated landing page that convinces them to carry out the exact action that you want them to do? It all sounds a bit Uri Geller but stick with it.

The purpose of the landing page is to keep the customer interested. They’ve made their way through the funnel onto the showroom floor. Looking around, they see, hopefully, a slick, easy to peruse environment with a focused product, service, idea, or a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang. You don’t want cluttered products and prices as this would be distracting and might make them claw their way back out of the sales funnel like a spider in a toilet bowl. So, the purpose – less distractions mean more conversions.

What does it do for your branding and online presence?

The landing page has an ability to amplify company branding and online presence.

With no extra bells and whistles, this page shows the company’s brand as classy and well thought out. The online presence that comes with the landing page cannot be duplicated with any other webpage content. It’s just like meeting someone in person, first impressions are crucial and usually the ones that stick.

So, what is the purpose of the landing page?

That’s easy. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this first pitstop is where it all begins. When customers click those links, the objective is to make it hard for them to leave. And that’s just about all there is to it.

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