Mortgage Broker – Lead Generation

Mortgage Broker – Lead Generation

02 November 2022

Does this describe you or someone you know – successful Mortgage Broker struggling to generate new customers after trying several strategies? Concerned about the ‘r’ dropping off the end of ‘Broker’ as it would ultimately define the customer pipeline and profitability stream. Desperately in need of divine intervention for the purpose of inspiration and to alleviate business pressures.

If what you’ve just read piqued your interest, take a moment to gather your thoughts and read on.

I’m going to go out on a limb here…at some time or another, you’ve pursued multiple leads that have sent you on a wild goose chase (with a bobbins end result). You’ve had a go at creating engaging sales/advertising content and even considered showcasing your jazz hands on an Insta reel. You’ve attended an array of networking events whereby the most memorable moments were the croissants and the gifting of a complimentary pen (who doesn’t love a free biro), and you’ve exhausted your little black book of contacts.

Here’s a nugget of advice, free of charge (much like the biro), but exclusive to you – stop wasting your hard-earned cash, time, and energy on avenues that won’t get you the results you wish to see.

Think of it like this…Leads can be likened to seeds. You can sow two handfuls of cheap seeds and have multiple people water the same patch, but that will result in over-saturation, boggy ground, and limited growth. On the flip side, you can sow a handful of premium seeds, and give them the right amount of water/nurturing, which in turn produces strong roots, steady growth, and eventually they blossom into something beautiful.

As you digest the detail below, it will become apparent as to why you should be team premium seeds.

Why Use a Lead Generation Company?

Because you have 4 options:

  • Do Nothing
  • Generate your own leads
  • Buy non-exclusive leads, or
  • Buy exclusive leads that are closely matched to your business requirements, skill set, personality, and will convert swiftly.

Considering the above options, if you do absolutely nothing your business will become stagnant and possibly fall by the wayside.

You can try and generate your own leads, but you will need a large investment in marketing to get this to work. We see a lot of businesses blow £20,000 on a website but that’s all they have – a pretty website. They don’t have a lead generation strategy locked in, so it’s the equivalent of buying a Ferrari without an engine. For those on a tight budget, strap on a sandwich board and unleash a verbal sales volley via a megaphone outside your local Greggs.

You can continue to buy non-exclusive leads but be prepared to duke it out with umpteen others who have done exactly the same thing and been sold exactly the same leads. There is a reason why those leads are cheaper than a secondhand jockstrap.

Or you can hire the experts, buy exclusive leads that are ring-fenced for you, and experience fantastic conversion rates without investing oodles of time.

Why Use Pivotal One?

Because we are bloody good at what we do!

Mortgage Brokers need Trusted Experts to bring them a consistent flow of high-quality leads. We are more than happy to advise you if you are a first-time buyer, and we don’t ask for a big deposit. We survey the landscape thoroughly and help you lay solid foundations to build your customer base. We make sure our LTV (Leads Totally Vetted) are exclusive to you, as we believe conversion rates are just as important as business rates.

Essentially, we are biased because we aren’t ‘Unbiased’ (Google em), and our ‘Bark’ (Google em as well) is as effective as our bite when it comes to giving you great quality leads to get your teeth into.

What makes Pivotal One unique is the leg work we put in before relaying prospective leads to clients. We make sure that both clients and prospective leads are looped in from the off, so they know who to expect contact from. We also brief our leads with an overview of the client’s profile, so they’ve got details to digest pre-contact and they can get a feel for whether you could be the right person for the job. This saves time, energy, unnecessary schmoozing, and enables business relationships to get off the ground quicker.

Ask yourself this – would you rather buy an exclusive lead for say fifty quid, or pay a tenner for a lead that has been sold to a gaggle of pipeline vultures? Peeing in the wind springs to mind when you buy cheap leads that have been touted more than a match-day ticket outside Old Trafford.

Pivotal’s Final Thought

To date, we have come across two distinctive types of people in business:

  • Those who love budgerigar approaches to lead generation (cheap cheap) and are often left bemused as to why they don’t get the results they want.
  • Those who believe that if you ‘buy cheap, you buy twice’, so they plump for quality over quantity which is pivotal (one) when it comes to your sales/business strategy.

So, if quality is your thing and new customers are king, let’s broker a deal to get your pipeline back on track. For further information and a friendly chat about how we can support you, please contact our expert team at 0161 660 9222.

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