Combatting Google Ads Click Fraud

Combatting Google Ads Click Fraud

06 January 2021

Have you ever wondered “why do my Google adverts get so many clicks, but such a low on-site conversion rate?” If the answer is yes, it could be down to the relevance of your advert to the product/service you are offering or a poorly optimised landing page… or it could be down to click fraud on your advert!

Here at Pivotal One, our ongoing goal to deliver the best quality lead at the lowest possible price for our clients, we discovered a powerful tool which combats Google Advertising click fraud. Click fraud can be a number of things, it can be a bot which has been programmed to click on your advert or most likely it could be a a competitor clicking your advert. Ultimately both could end up costing you £1000’s a month in wasted marketing spend.

In the markets we operate in for our clients, a cost per click can be as high as £15 – £20. Therefore our client’s cost per lead can soon rocket if a competitor is clicking on these adverts at our expense. This anti-click fraud tool that we have now made part of our lead generation toolset called “Clickcease” automatically detects fraudulent activity and will permanently block bots and competitors from clicking on your site and wasting your spend.

To give you an example of the savings, we have a financial campaign that since installing has saved us over £300 a day! If you feel you could be targeted by click fraud on your adverts I seriously recommend this product – ClickCease.

As a leading online lead generation company, we are always looking to improve lead quality, whether this be through online qualification, validation or competitor blocking! If you are interested in finding out how we could generate new sales for your business and make the most from your marketing budget, then please request a free audit and we can start the conversation.

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