What is considered a qualified lead?

What is considered a qualified lead?

23 April 2020

A lot of questions get asked around what a qualified lead is. This is in fact a very good question, certainly when a client is paying on a cost per lead model. From a lead generation perspective, we first set our the criteria with the client. We ask what is the minimum information you would require for the lead to become worthwhile to your business. When we mention criteria we are not just talking first name, last name, telephone and email address. We are talking about qualifying questions and this is what makes a qualified lead.

The easiest way to explain a qualified lead is to explore our process and tell you how we would qualify a client for a cosmetic dentistry for example – in particular the service “dental implants”. Our qualification starts with the advert on Google. Our advert will clearly explain the service our client is interested in “dental implants” so straight away we are saying what service we offer and specialise in. Without this and going more generic with our adverts, we might attract more people to the website but they could well be looking for all sorts of cosmetic dentistry that our client does not offer and want leads for. This is the first step.

The next step is the website copy and content, again this is all centred around the service our client is offering, we do not want to mention any other product on this page, as all it does is serve as a distraction to the user. Once we get the user to the form, we then do the final qualification on the form. This may be a step form where we qualify the client, we may ask what service they are looking for, where they are located, how old they are, have they got finance for the treatment. So you can see the time the user has got to the form to fill in their details we have qualified the client by first making sure they are interested in the product we are advertising for, secondly they are engaged on the website and by the content about the service, then lastly they are ready to proceed to enquire.

The very final part of the qualification is our validation, this is where we check in realtime whether an email and telephone are valid or not. Once the checks have been done, the lead will land with the client. The client at this point knows the full journey the user has been on to reach that point and that is classed as a qualified lead.

Please note that if the user falls off at any stage, the lead is simple unqualified and does not reach the client. In other words we only supply qualified leads base don your criteria. We are proud of this and it is what gives us longevity with out clients.

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