Ilkley moor baht at

Ilkley moor baht at

23 April 2020

After strange times encountered by all businesses not just ours we have decided to move our head office. We have enjoyed our space in central Leeds for nearly 3 years now. However we have decided it is time to move out of the big city and exchange that for the more rural setting of Ilkley.

Nothing has changed in terms of our business and as always, we welcome all clients to over for a visit. There are certainly some advantages to our new office, we are right next door to Betty’s Tea Rooms, so if you are tea lover come over and we’ll go and have a brew and a catch up about your next campaign.

For all those who still have our old address, our new address is below:

Pivotal One Ltd. FairFax House, 38 The Grove, Ilkley LS29 9EE.

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