Know your ideal customer

Know your ideal customer

23 April 2020

In lead generation the first chat we have with our clients is getting to know their business and who is their ideal customer. This is vitally important for when we are putting together an audit, because if we don’t get it right we can be targeting the wrong people and sending through a lot of none valid leads.

The way to approach this as client is to think of past clients you may have had, the good, the bad and the ugly (well maybe not the latter). Creating that visual in your head of that customer enables you to communicate what it is about them that makes them so good. Is it their sex, age, location, marital status. Maybe think outside the box and look at their characteristics – how do they dress, what do they look like, what car do they drive, do they own a home, are they conservative, have they any pets. This set of characteristics, really help us profile a client and visualise them, we also have the toolset to target certain interest categories that these clients fall into.

An example of this might be a campaign where we are generating mortgage leads for first time buyers, we know the age we target should be important, but if that was all we would get a very broad spectrum of customers and a lot that aren’t interested in the adverts we are showing. That’s where we must think about other characteristics such as, are they single, recently married, just had a baby, are they already a homeowner. You can see straight away which of these would be highly relevant and which we would like to avoid in our targeting. Knowing your clients inside out helps us fine tune your target audience and avoid any wastage on spend and your team’s time on the telephone to none buying clients.

Take some time out and start to jot down notes about your ideal client and soon you will have created a visual you can share with us, enabling your campaign to be so much more successful.

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